Actress who had affair with married actor said to have attempted suicide

12 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

After her affair with Wen Zhang comes to light, Yao Di has been harshly criticised by the public.

Wen Zhang immediately issued an apologetic statement to his wife and fans. His wife, Ma Yili also appeared to have forgiven her husband, by writing on her Weibo, “Dating is easy but marriage is hard to come by. We have to cherish it.”

With Yao Di’s reputation taking a hit, she has not made any official respond on her relationship with Wen Zhang. Sources revealed that Yao Di had cut off all contact with her family and friends, and even her parents were not able to contact her.

Rumours were also swirling that she had gone for an abortion for Wen Zhang during their relationship, reports Yes Entertainment via Asian Pop News.

Latest rumour was saying that the 29-year-old Chinese actress had attempted to commit suicide after facing a backlash from the public.

Recently, a netizen revealed that Yao Di had resumed her filming in Shenzhen and published a photo of her at the filmset, looking thin and depressed.

The netizen wrote, “She has lost a lot of weight. Maybe she is really hit by this incident.”

Yao Di is said to be filming for mainland drama, Mission Impossible Love <爱情碟中谍>. While filming for this drama earlier, Wen Zhang reportedly visited her at the filmset in Shenzhen. The couple then travelled to Hong Kong together, after which, their intimate photos were taken by the paparazzi.

Many netizens speculated that it was an attempt by her agency to salvage her damaged image, by portraying her as depressed and frail.

Yao Di is also said to be actively sourcing for an apartment currently, and has plans to settle down in Shenzhen.

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