Actress Patcharapa Chaichuea won't shun Thai street hawkers

19 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Bangkok PostPhotos:, Bangkok PostSuperstar Patcharapa "Aum" Chaichuea is still hooked on street food, even after a recent bout of food poisoning saw her hospitalised.Days after her highly publicised stay in hospital, where she was diagnosed with a stomach disorder and intestinal infection, Aum said she is still eating food bought from street vendors _ and the spicier, the better."My stomach ached for days, and I vomited often. I felt nauseous and dizzy, so I went to see the doctor. He said it probably stemmed from something I ate," she said last week."But I'm hooked on hot food, which I buy on the street. I'm not scared about what it might contain because it's so tasty."I might ask the vendor to put in less chilli, but I am not abstaining, because if it's not hot it's not tasty enough, including som tam," she said.Down-to-earth Aum, who thinks nothing of perching precariously on the back of a motorsai as she makes her way, dressed to the nines, to formal industry functions, says her new love, socialite Pithan "Amp" Ongkorsit, took good care of her while she was sick.The pair went with a group of friends on a recent sponsored trip to Japan. Asked why her fans have yet to glimpse any pictures of herself in the Land of Sushi with millionaire businessman Amp, the superstar said he was still not used to the publicity."He ducked and dived as much as he could, even with reporters pursuing him. I had to ask them not to publish any pictures of Amp, as he is still not used to seeing himself in the media," she said. "But he's cute, and takes care of me well."

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