Actress linked to Jack Neo sex scandal might have to remove breast

7 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Last week, her life changed. Actress Foyce Le Xuan was in her doctor’s office, hoping for the best.

But the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan showed that two lumps in her right breast were malignant. At 33, finding out that she had breast cancer was mind-numbing.

On Saturday, she underwent surgery at Mount Elizabeth Hospital to remove the lumps. In a few days’ time, her histology report will determine the severity and spread of the cancer.

Le, whose real name is Lim Hui Hui, sounded calm as she opened up for the first time after receiving the devastating news. After all, her father had breast cancer in 1994 and survived. It’s rare for men to get this type of cancer.

She shared her story to empower other women in the same situation to stay strong.

She told The New Paper: “At first, I was struck by an intense bout of paranoia about death. I didn’t cry as I went into survival mode.

“My doctor has told me that since one of the lumps is very near my lymph nodes, and if the histology report shows that the cancer has spread there or to other parts, I would likely be advised to remove my breast.

“If I have to, I would remove it because above all, my will to live is strong.”

Last month, Le had gone to see the doctor because she was concerned about abnormal bleeding during menstruation. Her doctor then asked her to go for a full body check-up.

It was during a breast examination that the doctor felt the hard masses in Le’s breasts. An ultrasound and an MRI scan followed and Le found out last week that she had lumps in both breasts.

Thankfully, the ones in her left breast were benign.

She said: “On Saturday, when I had the surgery, the nurses asked me to close my eyes but I chose to stay awake and witness the procedure. I saw the doctor dissect the lumps in my breast.

“I’m the kind of person who wants to know and see everything. I’m not afraid. When my friends visited me after that, they were surprised to see that I was still my smiling self.

“My thinking is, when something like that comes my way, just deal with it.”

Read the full report in Nov 5's issue of The New Paper.

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