Actress Kang Sung Yeon eagerly consumes frog legs on TV

28 October 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

Source: allkpopActress/MC Kang Sung Yeon has gained attention for eagerly eating frog legs for a program.On the 28th at 11pm, Channel A’s ‘˜We are going to meet you‘˜ will air an episode featuring a North Korean defector who enjoys odd foods. Frog legs were prepared for the guest.MC Nam Hui Suk offered the fried frog legs to Kang Sung Yeon, however she refused by saying, “I’ve never eaten it before“.However, giving into Nam Hui Suk’s persistent badgering, Kang Sung Yeon tasted the frog legs and was pleasantly surprised. She stated, “It’s very tasty and good“, showing a totally different attitude from before. Then even during the breaks she wouldn’t let go of the frog legs saying, “How did I not know about something this good?“.‘˜We are going to meet you’ is a show featuring North Korean defectors and discussing the cultural differences between the North and South, trying to bring better understanding between the two countries.

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