Actress Kang So Ra seen in neck brace after car accident

13 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Actress Kang So Ra has been revealed to have been in a car accident.

She had been on the way to a CF shoot on the 8th when she got into the car accident, reports allkpop

Her label told MBN Star, "It was a minor collision. It wasn't bad enough for her to get treated at a hospital, but her muscles must be in shock. She had pain in her neck area, so she got a neck brace that she can take on and off."

They added, "We think it was worse because she was exhausted by the drama filming.

Thankfully, we don't think she will have other after effects from the accident."

'Doctor Stranger' said, "We were all surprised because she came with a neck brace. She said she wasn't badly hurt, but her neck was stiff. Thankfully, it didn't effect the filming. She was bright as always, so the mood of the shoot was good."

Kang Sora
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