Actress Jin Se Yeon sent to hospital after jumping from building on fire

7 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Actress Jin Se Yeon narrowly escaped a life-threatening incident on the afternoon of Jan 6 when the building she was in caught fire.

According to All Kpop, she was receiving vocal training for 'Generation of Youth', but a fire forced her to jump out of the building to escape.

A staff member who was outside parking his vehicle saw smoke and gas seeping out from the windows.

The staff member prepared an area the actress could jump onto, on the terrace of the 2nd floor of the adjacent building, and Se Yeon jumped from the 3rd story of the building onto the terrace.

Firefighters had arrived by then and were able to rescue all the people in the building.

The staff member who helped Se Yeon escape praised her ability to remain calm and for bravely make the jump.

He said: "Even though she was in a situation where she couldn't see because of the smoke, Jin Se Yeon reacted calmly and avoided a situation that could have ended in a serious accident."

She was tested for carbon monoxide poisoning as well as for her lung functions, and is currently resting after being released from the hospital.

Her label said: "She breathed in toxic gas, so we have to watch her situation for a day but she has no injuries.

"She is currently at home resting. However, she is still in a state of shock so she needs rest." 

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