Actress Han Ga In suffers miscarriage 9 weeks into pregnancy -- after waiting 9 years to have first child

24 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

It has been belatedly revealed that actress Han Ga In unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.

It was reported in April that after nine years of blissful married life, celebrity couple Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon were expecting their first child.

However, the actress went through a miscarriage a month after her pregnancy had become known to the public back in April, reports allkpop.

Her agency BH Entertainment stated through a press release to media outlets, "Han Ga In naturally suffered a miscarriage 9 weeks into her pregnancy this past May... Because she suffered a miscarriage shortly after the news of her pregnancy, they weren't able to let the public know. As much as she went through a difficult time, Han Ga In's stability is the most important. She plans to rest for the time being."

The agency added, "Although they went through a very sad event, Han Ga In and her family have been supporting and consoling one another, and through this, they've now gained back some stability and are doing well. Please give them your words of support and consolation."

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