Actress Flora Chan tries to hide from reporters after being spotted with bruises on face

24 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

43 year old Flora Chan's (陳慧珊) second husband Mike Chung (鍾家鴻) announced bankruptcy two years ago.

Flora did not mind the problem of bankruptcy and even moving out of living from a big house to a small house because it did not affect the family situation.

Flora is currently enrolled at University of Hong Kong and plans to become a teacher in the future, as long as the family of three is in a financial stability.

Flora has been away from acting for a few years, she will soon be returning for new TVB series 'M Club' alongside Carman Lee, Rachel Lee, Fennie Yuen, Gloria Yip and more.

Flora Chan's life is very low key, that often after filming she heads home and rarely to be seen in public.

A few days ago around 6pm, Flora was spotted dressed in casual, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a backpack with her 6 year old daughter and her maid as they went grocery shopping.

Most of the time Flora was carrying her daughter and the maid was responsible to carry the groceries.

Surprisingly, the reporters found Flora with a bruise near her eye and even with a bandaid on her upper left brow, but as soon as Flora saw the reporters she quickly faced away from the cameras.

The next day after being exposed of her bruises, Flora did not attend Ada Choi's (蔡少芬) uncle's new store opening and even the busy mum didn't pick up her daughter from school, but instead it was her husband Mike Chung who had to be the mum for the day.

At 2pm Mike drove home and took a rest for half an hour and then had to leave to pick up his daughter studying at an international school and afterwards father and daughter went straight home.

Reporters tried to ask about Flora's well being, he replied by SMS saying "Flora is well recently, she is living normally and she is only focused on her studying and taking care of the daughter".

Mike was also asked about how Flora got her injuries, but had no reply.

Additionally, TVB series M Club's producer accepted a phone interview regarding Flora's well being, he expressed that Flora is always professional in her acting.

He also said that "I haven't seen her since the completion of filming and originally we have made plans to meet up today but she said she is busy with her studies, so we had to reschedule our meeting.

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