Actress Clara is looking for a date to bring on luxury yacht

4 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

"Who wants to be my date?" Actress Clara is looking for a date for a dinner on a luxury yacht.

The lucky guy will be selected from one of the donors for breast cancer patients. Clara posted a video giving a hint at what the dinner date with Clara may look like.

Since July, actress Clara and social donation association ‘WE Generation’ have been holding a campaign that supports operation fees of reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients.

In the beginning of the campaign, Clara posted a photo on her Facebook page and suggesting that she will donate 0.50 won for each 'Like' or each 'Retweet' of the post.

Just after few days, she successfully collected 250,000 likes and drew attentions to the campaign, rpeorts Kpopinsider.

To collect more contribution, Clara promised that she will go one a luxury yacht date with one of the contributors.

The date is going to be held after the campaign is over and anyone who donated more than 1,000 won may apply for a date.

The person who is picked for the date will be given hair shop gift certificate and a dinner date with Clara on yacht. It even includes coffee time with Clara.

The campaign is held until today, on August 28, and the collected donation with Clara’s own donation will be delivered to women who suffered from breast cancer.

So far, the donation has reached over Clara’s target 10,000,000 won, but people are still participating in the donation.

Meanwhile, Clara is currently preparing for other donation events with WE Generation.

More information about the campaign and yacht date event can be found on WE Generation’s official webpage.

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