Actor Roy Cheung arrested for drug possession after hiding it in match box

12 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung has been arrested at a Beijing hotel for alleged drug use, reported Chinese media on Thursday. 

The 51-year-old actor was arrested when he was caught in possession of marijuana in a hotel on Jul 2, reported China Daily. 

According to the municipal public security bureau, the police seized about 1.15g of marijuana from his luggage and he subsequently confessed to using drugs. 

HKtop10 also reported that a 3-minute long video of his arrest was shown on Beijing television. A woman also appeared in the video, whom Cheung claimed to be his girlfriend. 

When the police entered his hotel room, Cheung was dressed in a bathrobe and claimed that he was watching soccer on television. He held a match box in his hands which he tried to hide from the police. However, the authorities noticed and questioned him about it. 

He initially said it contained matches but when the police opened up the box, he confessed that it was marijuana that he brought in from Hong Kong, reported HKtopten. 

It seems like the actor will be celebrating his birthday on the 20th in the holding facility where he is currently at, said HKtop10. 

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