Accident-prone Aaron Kwok's hand bleeds after plunge from bridge

4 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Aaron Kwok's death-defying plunge from a railway bridge on the set of Conspirators (Tung Mau) left him bleeding freely from a deep gash on his hand.In a film packed with dangerous stunts, this one stands out. He was to fall from a train bridge directly onto a street food stall. As soon as the director called for action, Aaron fell onto the dense tables filled with people. Pang Shun was very pleased with the result and immediately accepted the take. Only later did he realise however, that Aaron's hand was bleeding, and the crew immediately rushed to treat him the wound. Pang Shun was impressed with how professional Aaron had been in the scene, especially since the tables had been covered with cutlery and the sharp corners of the tables could have hurt Aaron badly.

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