Aaron Yan shocks fans with harsh words about Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen

24 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Fahrenheit fans are stunned at a recent revelation by Aaron Yan -- that he is no longer friends with his other band members Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen.

According to Asian Pop News, he said that he was like a "vase" standing alongside Wu Chun -- who was considered the most popular and handsome.

He also said the other members were like "free bonus" standing beside him during magazine shoots.

In a recent interview, he also revealed why the band decided to spilt up. Wu Chun, Jiro, and Calvin had all reflected to the agency that they would like to drop their "idol image" as they were above 25 years.

Only 20 at that time, Aaron felt that it was unfair to him. 

"Did they ever consider my feelings? How am I going to survive?" 

Admitting that he is "no longer friends" with Jiro and Calvin, he said that he couldn't "act anymore".

However, he still keeps in touch with Wu Chun, whom he felt truly treated him like a buddy.

His only interaction with Jiro and Calvin is restricted to sending them flowers at media conferences.

Responding to disappointed fans about his words, Aaron said:

"Emotional ties need to be managed. Will you continue banging your head on the wall till you bleed?"

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