Aaron Kwok's heartfelt confession about being compared to other "Heavenly Kings"

28 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago
Aaron Kwok attended the Golden Horse Film Festival and appeared in a stylish leather jacket.

Although a two-time Golden Horse winner, Aaron did not forget his singing career, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Said the celebrity:

"I am a dynamic singer".

"In the past, being a singer was so cool, there was nothing to worry about.

"But it's different for an actor".

In 2000, he felt he had the ability to become an actor and in 2003 he began entered the film industry.

He expressed: "I am an actor and there is nothing holding me back, I can do everything".

Aaron used to be compared with the rest of the three kings.

He said:

"For many years, I have learnt to let go.

"Comparison is not the most important thing, as long as our efforts are not wasted.

"There are a lot of things you may have, but others do not.

"There are things that people might take away from you, so you must have confidence in yourself".

"Comparison is a must have, but it's also fair. 

"You have to find the right direction and keep following it without looking back". 

Aaron Kwok
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