Aaron Kwok to transform into Ox Demon King at HK concert

28 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Aaron Kwok will transform into the Ox Demon King, a character from the soon-to-be released The Monkey King movie, during his upcoming concert in Hong Kong on March 9, 2013.According to 21CN.com, Aaron Kwok will return to the Hong Kong Coliseum on March 9, 2013 for his “De Showy Masquerade World Tour Encore Live in Concert 2013‘³. The 9-day concert will reprise successful elements from his Coliseum performance last year. Aaron will also appear as characters from his movies such as Cold War and the yet-to-be released, The Monkey King , in which he portrays the Ox Demon King.In conjunction with his concert, Aaron celebrated the launch of his latest music video, “Secret Language‘ . The music video is made up of scenes which Aaron took out from the commercial he filmed with Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) for PCCW Mobile.At the launch, Aaron and his dancers also performed a preview from his concert, in which he plays the Ox Demon King in Donnie Yen’s (甄子丹) new movie, The Monkey King. Aaron revealed that the stage for his concert is modeled after the Crystal Palace, which according to Journey To the West , is in the sea. However, not only will the stage be filled with marine elements, it will also encompass aspects of the land and sky too.Hot elements from Aaron’s concert last year, such as the transformer and the trampoline , will still make their appearances, while new and more difficult stunts will also add more excitement to the new concert.Aaron’s costumes for the concert will once again be designed by William Chang (张叔平). Having seen the drawings of his costumes, Aaron refused to disclose too much, knowing that William may change his designs anytime, creating a surprise not only for his fans but for himself.Aaron will put his energy into his movies after his concert performance. Speaking of Cold War 2 , Aaron is excited at the prospect of working with Chow Yun Fat (周润发) again. He said happily, “I saw the news on Weibo and I really hope it’s true! I know Fat Gor has watched Cold War and liked my performance. Though we have worked together in The Monkey King, I would like to pit against him again,‘ and then added emotionally, “Fat Gor, I’ll wait for you!‘Admitting that he has been disappointed at not being nominated for his performance in Cold War, Aaron nevertheless respects the Hong Kong Film Awards’ committee’s decision and is glad that he still has the support of his fans and Fat Gor.On Yuan Xiao two days ago, Aaron has rushed home to visit his mother. When he was asked if he brought his other half, Lynn Hung (熊 黛林) along, Aaron declined to elaborate, saying that work comes first and his mother is the most important person to him right now.

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