Aaron Kwok may bring the 'Four Heavenly Kings' back together

22 June 2013 / 4 years 4 days ago

Aaron Kwok says he may seek to reunite the 'Four Heavenly Kings' of Hong Kong entertainment in the near future.According to a Mingpao report, Kwok revealed that he is currently working on a script for a film which he will direct and act, and may find some roles for Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Leon Lai in it.Speaking at a roadshow and addressing rumours that Chinese broadcaster CCTV has plans to reunite the quartet once more, Kwok said: "Our last event together was 10 years ago. I believe there will definitely be another chance in the future. The audience really anticipates to see us together."I'm currently coming up with a script, I will be directing and acting in it myself. I may invite the other three Heavenly Kings to guest star."He also expressed his hope that newcomers into the entertainment scene can step up and succeed them.

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