Is Aaron Kwok a masochist?

18 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: The New PaperSINGAPORE - Look, no botox!Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok is looking really fine at 47, never mind the wrinkles around his eyes which we spotted on his recent trip here.He didn't rip his shirt off, but we're sure he still has that same muscular physique that he displayed when he bared his torso two months ago at his concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.That's because he is practically a masochist when it comes to maintaining his brawny build, Kwok admitted to The New Paper in an interview on Wednesday.He exercises at least an hour every day - even on a holiday - and up to 16 hours when he was training for his world tour last year.When he strained his back muscles during the intensive concert preparation, he continued his work-outs.The pain was so intense that he had to be supported by two girdles in order to jog."Some of my stage costumes make it appear like I'm not wearing anything at all so I have to watch my physique," Kwok said."I can't let my six-pack become one lump, like some friends my age have."He said he keeps such a tight rein on himself because he's very serious about his work and expects a lot from himself.He didn't need a lot of training and maintenance in his 20s and early 30s because he had a high metabolic rate and his body recovered fast, he said.But when he was in his late 30s, he realised his body was slowing down.Ironically, he has become more motivated and better at expressing himself in his movies and performances.To be in top condition physically and mentally, he has a strict regime of jogging, aerobics and sit-ups coupled with sufficient rest and the right diet, he said.Kwok is such a workaholic that has has put marriage and children on hold.He rubbished a recent Hong Kong tabloid report that claimed he proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Chinese model and actress Lynn Xiong, 32, during their recent Maldives holiday.He called the reporters "very creative" in writing things about his personal life.He said: "Men in their forties are like flowers. How much time do we have to blossom?"It's natural for flowers to wilt and I hope I can do as much of the work I like as I can while I'm in blossom."I'm not a child anymore and one day I will settle down and start a family. But the time is not now," he said.Kwok was in town to promote his new movie Cold War, which is now showing.It stars Kwok and Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka Fai as two rival police deputy commissioners caught in a power struggle.Written and directed by Longman Leung and Sunny Luk, the film also stars Andy Lau, Chin Ka Lok and Gordon Lam.Delayed concertKwok told us he was so impressed with the complex plot that he pushed back his concert preparation by a month to star in the film.He also wanted the chance to work with seasoned actor Leung.Kwok talked about a gun fight on an expressway.His character had just delivered the ransom when he and a taxi driver were ambushed by gunmen.He recalled: "Some of the explosives were real and went off just one metre from me. One of the 'gunmen' threw an explosive onto the taxi and I worried over whether he would miss (and hit us instead)."It is dangerous, but it has to be so that the audience will worry."

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