Aaron Kwok lashes out at media: "Are you happy that I'm hurting now?"

26 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Aaron Kwok and Lynn Xiong broke up after 7 years together.Faced with rumours about Christine Kuo and fan attacks on his manager Siu Mei, he decided to break his silence when asked about this matter in Beijing, where he was promoting his new film Conspirators.TVB News World reported that he asked the media present at the event: "Are you very pleased from yelling at people? When I am hurt are you very happy?"In response to reports that Lynn had cheated on him first, he added that he did not force anything, and changed his role to give his blessing! Aaron was also faced with questions on rumours that Christine Kuo was involved in his break up with Lynn Xiong.He said that on the internet, everyone has the freedom of speech. Some people only look at the surface and lost the direction of facts.While protecting idols was normal, Aaron asked if everyone were very pleased with yelling at people? If he was hurt would they be very happy?He said that he was a Buddhist. Everyone was calm and no outsider know what happened between them. "People who attack me with foul language are very dull, perhaps young people lack life experience."As for the reason behind his break up, he said that everyone's decision has its reason and it is not as severe as a cause and effect.When reporters asked Aaron, whether the break up was due to Lynn cheating first, he looked upset and replied "no comment".He also did not forget the objective of the promotional event and insisted on talking about the movie, saying risking his life for work was his true nature, and that the world had many people who liked him and disliked him.

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