Aaron Kwok confident that H7N9 bird flu will not affect film's performance

11 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Actors Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Nick Cheung Ka Fai, director Oxide Pang Shun, Jiang Yiyan, Terence Siufay have worked together on the film 'Conspirators'.According to an article in Groove Asia, two nights ago a charity premiere was held. Aaron talked about going to mainland China to test out a race car and also coordinate a promotional tour for the film's release in China on the 27th. With the mainland H7N9 pandemic, he avoided talking about whether girlfriend Lynn Xiong was concerned for his safety.Aaron, however, had no fears and was confident that H7N9 bird flu will not affect the film's box office performance. He also remarked that when he promotes the movie in mainland China, he would ask fans to take the full preventive measures.Aaron admitted that he was worried about the mainland H7N9 bird flu, but for work he could do nothing about it.When Cheung Ka Fai announced that he would be busy with a movie and would not be able to coordinate with the film's mainland promotional tour, Aaron said, "Leave the promotions to me!"View photos in the gallery for snapshots from the charity premiere of 'Conspirators'.

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