Aaron Aziz to star alongside popular Malaysian actress Siti Saleha in crime thriller

18 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

With her sweet smile, flawless skin and exotic pan-Asian looks from Malay-British parentage, Siti Saleha Baharom’s beauty has captured the hearts of many on TV.Known for her acting talent in dramas such as Ruby, Habil Dan Qabil, Nora Elena, 5 Jingga, Zaleha, Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir, Kau Laksana Bulan, Awan Dania and Terlanjur Cinta, Siti Saleha is marking her big screen debut alongside Aaron Aziz in Kerat 14, a crime thriller produced by White Merpati Entertainment and Reel Reel Pictures, reports the New Straits Times.White Merpati is the company behind the movies Akhirat, Rasuk and the upcoming Darah Panas Kerat 14 is White Merpati’s first crime thriller. Siblings Arjin and Harvinder Uppal are its co-producers, while Arjin also serves as director.Arjin has a cameo appearance in Kerat 14, which also stars Zamarul Hisham, Ali Arami, Arrora Salwa, Fouziah Gous and Arash Mohamad.Saleha, who previously collaborated with Aaron in TV dramas Habil Dan Qabil, Nora Elena and Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir says: “It’s my first movie with Arjin and he’s a great director because he encourages us to develop our character.‘She is happy to be in her movie debut with Aaron. “I’m always happy to co-star with him. He’s guided me a lot and he always boosts our spirit with his positive outlook.‘While many of her fans love to see her as Aaron’s “leading lady No. 1‘, Siti Saleha says she also enjoys working with dashing actor Sharnaaz Ahmad, her co-star in Ruby which has been screened on TV3 over the last two months.“Sharnaaz and I are passionate about portraying strong yet vulnerable people, and like Aaron, he is full of fun despite his penchant for playing angry men like he did in Juvana,‘ says Siti Saleha.The 23-year-old actress is no stranger to entertainment as her elder brother Sam Baharom is lead singer of rock group Bunkface.Siti Saleha, 23, is the third of four siblings and became a model for print and television advertisements when she was 13. A mass communications graduate from a local college, she has always wanted to be an actress. She starred in her first movie in 2010. It was Mamak Cupcake directed by Woo Ming Jin.“I’m normally cast as the girl next door who is sweet and honest. I’m comfortable with this, but eventually I’d love to play more complex and strong characters.‘She names Lisa Surihani, Liyana Jasmay, Juliana Evans, Sharifah Amani and Maya Karin as her favourite local actresses. “My biggest dream role is an action role, something like Juliana’s character in Mael Lambong last year. Action movies are tiring, but great fun.‘Her next film is titled Bikin Filem and it will hit cinemas next month. It stars Sharifah Amani, Bront Palarae and Iedil Putra Alauddin.While acting is her passion, Siti Saleha has not turned her back on modelling. “It’s good to be versatile, and I’d also love to co-host television programmes.‘Her sister, Rohana is also a model and appears in TV advertisements.On Kerat 14, Siti Saleha says she plays Aaron’s reluctant girlfriend.“I’m Zara, who loves to join her boyfriend Haziq in night clubs. During one of our parties, she is noticed by a stalker who follows her home and seduces her. The following day, his body is found in a dump, in 14 pieces, and both Zara and Haziq go on the run from the police who suspect them as the killers.‘Arjin says he is delighted to work with Siti Saleha. “She is a disciplined, professional and hardworking actress who has the makings of a star. I’d love to have her act in more movies later,‘ says Arjin.For Aaron, working with Siti Saleha for her big screen debut is fun. “She is passionate about her craft and willing to better herself. This is our first movie together, and it’s quite a blast literally, as we play a fugitive couple,‘ he says, adding that his next movie is Romeo Kota with Zizan Razak, to be released next month.Filming for Kerat 14 took 27 days in Kuala Lumpur last year.Aaron says: “Kerat 14 lives up to its number ‘” filming began on Jan 14, at a flat unit on the 14th floor, and it premieres on Feb 14.‘Arjin says while the RM1.8 million movie has a straight-forward storyline, its title does not denote a gruesome murder.“Yes, Zara’s stalker is found in 14 bits, but things are not as they seem. There are no real heroes or villains in the story.‘Arjin has deliberately left the film’s ending “open to interpretation‘ to reflect “the realities of life‘. “There’s both darkness and light at the end of Zara’s and Haziq’s tunnel,‘ he says.Ali, who plays the stalker Aril, says he is delighted to work with Aaron and Saleha. “I get into a fight with Aaron’s character, and lose. Nevertheless, Aril is the catalyst for the film’s climatic cat-and-mouse-game.‘The film was launched at a Press preview in GSC 1Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya recently. It was attended by Arjin, Harvinder, Siti Saleha, Aaron, Ali, Arrora and actor Azhar JB.

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