Aaron Aziz opens his six-bedroom KL home to S'pore hip hop group

29 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Eight years after they started making the rounds in local hip-hop circles, popular duo Sleeq – 23-year-old cousins Alif Abdullah and Ahmad Syarifullah – are moving to Malaysia to pursue music full-time.

Come October, Alif, who is better known as Alyph, and Syarif will move in with Singaporean actor in Malaysia Aaron Aziz and his family. They live in Kuala Lumpur.

They were signed to Aaron’s management and production company Aaron Aziz Productions two years ago.

The move, explained Sleeq, is essential because of the environment Malaysia provides in creating big, splashy careers – like the one Aaron has – for their artists.

“In Malaysia, people really look at their actors and singers as idols,” said Syarif.

“In Singapore, you don’t really get the same response. Because we’re such a small country, you can bump into anyone anytime, anywhere.”

All the running around has paid off – the duo scored 300,000 ringtone downloads for Untuk Dia and the song’s music video has over 13 million hits on YouTube.

Once they have settled down across the Causeway, they will be prepping for the release of what they call their first “properly done” full-length album.

The self-titled offering will be their first professional production and with live sessionists.

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