98.7 DJ Rosalyn Lee under fire for haze comment

20 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

98.7 DJ Rosalyn Lee has come under fire online for comments she posted in facebook on Tuesday (June 18).On her official facebook page the fiery DJ wrote: "(due to the haze) The Singapore Armed Forces, too, has "reduced physical and outdoor training accordingly." REALLY!? shouldnt the SAF, of all people, train in all weather conditions and be at least haze-ready? I'd imagine the haze to be a similar condition to that of war where shit gets blown up in flames right? resulting in.....? thank you. #justsaying"Her comment drew hundreds of negative reactions on facebook as well as in local forum Hardwarezone's EDMW section, where it had been reposted shortly afterwards.In response to these comments, she said that "our defence force needs to toughen up", adding that she believed she had trained harder during her ballet classes than some guys did during National Service.Many netizens felt that she should not have commented on National Service matters as she does not have to serve.Her fans however, were quick to spring to her defence, saying that their comments were unnecessarily harsh. Singapore is facing record-breaking hazy conditions, with the PSI reading hitting a high of 321 yesterday night (June 19), well into the hazardous range.

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