7 years at Hot FM 91.3 -- but Boy Thunder decides to call it quits

8 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago
NP Photo: Jonathan Choo

Local radio DJ Gerald Koh, 29, aka Boy Thunder, was on-air for the last time on Hot FM 91.3 Friday.

The radio DJ said he quit the station to take some time off for himself, and possibly pursue a university degree, something he has put off for the past five years, reports The Straits Times

Koh, who says he is "going to get married soon", says the decision to quit was not done in haste.

He just wants to focus on his studies and family now, instead of work.

"I actually thought it out quite about two months ago. It's something that comes with age. I've been asking myself if I love my family; I'll eventually be starting a family soon, and I have a house along the way," he says.

Koh has been working on-air for the past seven years, after getting his start at Hot FM 91.3 in 2008 as an intern, before eventually working his way up to helming his own show.

He hosted Hot FM 91.3's evening drive-time show, BT, Adam and Josh, with DJs Adam Piperdy and Joshua Simon.

Koh declined to say what university courses he is applying for, and would only say that if that falls through, he would take the opportunity to "just relax and go on a holiday".

"If I don't rest now, I probably won't rest forever," he says.

However, Koh says this is not the end for his radio career.

"I live and breathe radio. (This break) could be a short while...but it's time for me to go back to study or start new adventures."

Photos in the gallery show images of the local DJ, including snapshots of this marriage proposal.

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