6 netizens arrested for making cruel comments about Baek Ji Young's miscarriage

7 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

A total of six netizens have been taken by the prosecutor’s office for making malicious comments against singer Baek Ji Young.

In a telephone call with OSEN, the Seoul Police stated, “Netizens that wrote maliciously about Baek Ji Young have been taken by the prosecutor’s office, and they’ve been found to be in their teens and 20s.”

According to their statement, 4 of these netizens were indicted without detention, and the charges were dropped against the other 2 netizens. Among these accused of writing libel against Baek Ji Young were a student, an office worker, and public service personnel.

Baek Ji Young’s agency WS Entertainment made a press release last month, and stated, “We believe it’s necessary to take strict legal action against those who attack others indiscriminately behind the face of anonymity, and so we decided to sue dozens of netizens last July.”

These netizens were charged with spreading malicious rumors about her recent miscarriage, making false comments without any basis of truth, reports Ohkpop.

In a time when the singer must have been going through an extremely difficult time, these thoughtless people decided to add on to the stress and write terrible things about the mother who recently lost an unborn child.

Her agency had previously stated that they were filing charges not only because of Baek Ji Young, but in hopes that netizens would think twice before making malicious comments about celebrities while hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet.

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