5dolls loses Chanmi but will return with 6 members in April

19 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

5dolls has finally announced a time period for their very, very long awaited return!The girls have been missing from the scene for quite some time, and during then Chanmi left the label and the group, reported AllKpop. Even though the ladies were originally supposed to come back in March, Davichi and SPEED‘˜s promotions make it difficult for the group to promote during the month unless they go up against their own labelmates.Of course, with Chanmi out of the group, many were left wondering how the group would still go on as 5dolls with only 4 members ‘“ but worry not! Chanmi’s place will be filled in by new members Nayeon (92) and Jihyun (93).So the additions along with the existing members and Shannon, whom you may all be familiar with already as she participated in T-ara‘˜s “Day and Night‘ with Ahreum and Gavy NJ‘˜s Gunji, the total member count is once again brought up to something else other than 5. However, it seems the girls will still be going with ’5dolls’.

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