50s beauty Kim Novak cruelly ridiculed after Oscars appearance

4 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago


American actress Kim Novak, most known for her films roles in the 1950s and 1960s -- including acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo -- has sparked backlash and mockery after her appearance at the Oscars on Mar 2.

Born in 1933, Novak began her career in 1954 at the age of 21, and withdrew from the public in 1965. She then appeared in films only sporadically till 1991, when she prematurely retired from acting.

In 2006, Novak was injured in a horse riding accident. She suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs, and nerve damage but made a full recovery within a year.

In October 2010, her manager, Sue Cameron, reported that Novak had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was declared cancer-free upon completion of treatment.

The 81-year-old made an appearance at the Oscars recently, where she presented the animated feature awards with Matthew McConaughey.

Netizens were quick to note her drastic change in appearance, and how she apparently struggled to speak. There were also numerous tweets ridiculing the actress online.

These include some people who referenced how 'frozen' her face looked -- an irony as she was presenting the Best Animated Feature to Frozen.

A flm reporter tweeted, "Anyone else see the irony of Kim Novak — who’s face looks frozen — announcing that “Frozen” won the Oscar? Eh, maybe I’m just reaching."

One even went as far as to say, "Does Kim Novak know here face was not the "Frozen" that just won the Academy Award?"

Some netizens also compared her looks to that of ficitonal character The Joker, with one tweeting, "Is Kim Novak playing The Joker in the new Batman movie? #toomuchplastic #smile"

However, many quickly came to her defense and lashed out at the hateful remarks.

"YOU KNOW WHAT GUYS KIM NOVAK IS 81 AND SHE DIDNT FALL DOWN TWICE UNLIKE SOME OTHER PEOPLE I KNOW," commented one person, referring to Jennifer Lawrence tripping at the Oscars two years in a row.

Another also wrote, "She's 81! Shame on ALL of you for being nasty to her!"

Photos: Twitter and YouTube screengrabs

The gallery shows screenshots of Novak at this year's Oscars, her role in Vertigo and what people are saying about her on Twitter. The rest show other plastic surgery procedures that didn't go quite as planned.

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