5 days into marriage, Tracy Ip's hubby gets sued by ex-wife

17 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Miss Hong Kong 2005, Tracy Ip tied the knot with her architect boyfriend, Raymond last week. Just five days into their marriage, Tracy and her husband Raymond were embroiled in a legal case.

According to Asian Pop News via Hong Kong media, Raymond divided equally his assets with his ex-wife last October. A few months ago, Raymond’s ex-wife also requested an increase in her living expenses to HK$25,000. After a negotiation, Raymond agreed to pay her a monthly alimony of HK$18,700, excluding the daughter’s school fee, which will be borne by Raymond.

Both parties also agreed to revert to the monthly alimony of HK$9,350, once the ex-wife has found a job. In May, Raymond reduced the alimony to the agreed sum of HK$9,350 after his wife had found a job, and this led to a disagreement by the ex-wife.

Tracy accompanied her husband to court today, but after a while, she was seen walking out. It turned out that the ex-wife had raised objections for Tracy to listen to the trial.

When asked on the progress of the case, Tracy said, “It was quite embarrassing because the other party objected to me entering the court. We have not met before. She left by another exit and opposed to me entering.”

Raymond did not respond to any reporters’ questions. Tracy said, “He is very nervous. Let me answer for him.”

Asked when the couple would be going for their honeymoon, Tracy said, “We can go holiday anytime. We just hope that this matter would be resolved soon. We will hold each other’s hands to walk through together. I told him not to worry. We will face this together.”

Tracy also smiled sweetly, “I did not marry the wrong guy.”

Tracy revealed that the next trial would be in September.

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