4Minute stars meet K-pop fans to teach them dance moves

27 October 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

Source: The Korea HeraldA small group of K-pop-loving foreigners were offered the chance of a lifetime to learn from the stars themselves at a special mentoring seminar by 4minute stars G.Na and Ji Youn.Fifteen groups from 15 countries were selected to compete at this year’s K-pop World Festival after winning a K-pop singing/dancing competition held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. All teams will compete at the K-pop World Festival concert on Sunday in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province.Participants gathered at Cube Entertainment’s rehearsal studio in Cheongdam-dong to learn about the Korean music industry from G.Na and Ji Youn ‘• two people who are no strangers to the struggles and hardships of succeeding in it.“This is a very difficult business, with so many obstacles,‘ G.NA told the competitors in English. “I feel like I sacrificed another life that I could’ve had.‘The singer, who held a vocal training session, stressed the importance of maintaining good stage presence and always projecting a pleasant personality. “Nothing just comes,‘ she said. “But the most successful person is the person who can smile and enjoy what they actually do.‘Participants got to learn the dance from 4minute’s hit “Hot Issue‘ ‘• which opens Sunday’s concert ‘• from Ji Youn, who also critiqued their technique. Janaye and Symone Rodgers, sisters from Florida, said they first came to love K-pop for the choreography. “It was the dance that brought me in,‘ said Janaye. “We saw Super Junior’s ‘˜Sorry Sorry’ and I had to learn the dance, but I hadn’t realized that there was so much dance that had to do with K-pop.‘“It’s much different than American music,‘ Symone said. “I like that it’s so choreographed, each song, so I would always love the dances first and then I get into the music.‘The two sisters, who blushed after confessing to even wearing SHINee socks, said their love of K-pop has blossomed into more than music. “It went from Korean music, to Korean culture, to Korean language,‘ said Symone. The two study Korean at home and expressed both excitement and disbelief about being in Korea for the first time. “We thought that they tricked us,‘ said Janaye. After the discussion and choreography practice, one by one dancers stepped up next to Ji Youn on the dance floor to show off their freestyle skills to songs of their favorite K-pop artists including Exo-K, Hyun-a, Sistar and Beast. “I can’t believe how good they are. I was supposed to teach them, but they ended up teaching me,‘ said the 4minute member. “They have so much passion.‘ Ji Youn said she was shocked at not only the dancers’ talent, but also how much they knew about Korean music and dance. “I think it’s amazing how popular K-pop has gotten around the world, and in such a short period of time,‘ she said. “I hope it continues to grow and spread.‘ After four-plus hours with the participants, the star expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to work with them. “I’m so touched I could cry,‘ she said at the end of the session. “I will never forget this moment.‘From: http://nwww.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20121026000814

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