Is 42-year-old Gigi Lai pregnant again?

22 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Despite having three daughters, there are reports of Gigi Lai trying to conceive a baby boy for her businessman husband, Patrick Ma.

According to a report in Asian Pop News, Gigi gave birth to a pair of twin girls, Patricia and Gianna and last year, she gave birth to her youngest daughter, Pagella.

After giving birth to her thrid child, Gigi reportedly visited a well-known obstetrician among female celebrities.

She is said to have received an ovulation induction to boost her chances of conceiving a boy.

Recently, Gigi was spotted wearing a loose fitting blouse and a pair of flats during a meal with friends.

She was also spotted having what seems to be a baby bump as she walked very carefully out of a restaurant.

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