42-year-old beauty queen Joey Meng shares her secret to looking young

11 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Joey Meng, a Miss Asia 1989 first runner-up, still possesses a youthful look and 42-inch beautiful long legs at the age of 42.Following her notable performance in ATV's My Date With a Vampire, Joey appears in TVB series Inbound Troubles and the most recent A Change of Heart, taking the spot as TVB's FaDan.Her secret to maintaining her youthfulness? Joey credits it to being a vegetarian and frequently applying facial masks, reports an article in Asian Fanatics.|Since Joey entered TVB, she has been filming nonstop. Her latest works include A Change of Heart and Gilded Chopsticks.She has successfully made it "in the house" (gained recognition), and she is earning a lot more extra income.She modestly expressed she has a weak voice and isn't suitable to perform on stage. "I like to do real estate and skincare advertisements. Because I'm a vegetarian, I don't take on many health product advertisements."But, in the recent year she's been working a lot more and haven't had much time to be with her husband (Chan Sap Sam). She expressed she rather earn less money, turn down the extra income and grasp the opportunity for more husband-wife time.

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