4 charged for spreading prostitution rumours about actress Lee Da Hae

16 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Back in December, an alleged prostitution ring composing of some female celebrities were revealed through the media, yet the names remained secret.  

However, many netizens began to offer up their guesses and circulate some rumors, naming a couple of celebrities, some of whom then spoke up and denied any involvement.  One of them was actress Lee Da Hae, who proceeded to take legal action against the people circulating such malicious rumors, reports Allkpop.

On July 14, her agency followed up with this case by revealing, "The netizens responsible for circulating this false information about Lee Da Hae have already been charged with a fine through the regional investigation unit under the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.  There is no negotiation with the malicious rumor spreaders.  We will continue taking firm action against malicious rumor spreaders in the future; we will follow a course of strict punishment to the very end even if we need to request additional investigation into the suspects whom we have yet to identify."

Four of the people who spread the rumors have been caught so far, three of whom are women.  One is a high school student, two are working women in their twenties, and one is a housewife.  Two were fined, the student was sent to juvenile court, and the remaining one was revealed to have committed the same offense in the past and was decided to have no right of arraignment.  

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