38-year-old Christine Fan had heavy bleeding 6 weeks into pregnancy

26 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

More details of Christine Fan's pregnancy has been revealed following her announcement that she is expecting twins.

According to Asian Pop News, she had shared the good news on her Weibo, “Thank god for giving us more than what we pray for!”

Christine’s husband, Blackie Chen also posted, “Thank you god for giving us these two new lives. Thank you everyone for your concern. We are going to have a pair of twins!”

The couple initially did not reveal that they had undergone artificial insemination, but after someone exposed it to the press, Blackie had no choice but to admit it.

Before pregnancy, Christine was under tremendous pressure from the public’s concern. Furthermore, all her good friends have all given birth,” said Blackie, revealing why they decided to undergo artificial insemination.

Blackie refused to disclose more details and only said that they wished to have a baby while they are still young. He added, "We tried for a long time before completing the task.”

Blackie said that they do not know the gender of their babies yet, but it is more important that the babies are healthy. He also nicknamed his babies as “Big and small pandas.”

Christine only found out about her pregnancy after she had a bad fall in June, and had to receive 25 stitches as a result. The doctor said that there was only a 8% chance of expecting twins as Christine is 38 years old.

The doctor also said, “The fall is quite bad, but it is a miracle.”

Only 48 kg and 171 cm tall, Christine is considered too thin and had heavy bleeding when she was 6 weeks into her pregnancy. She is currently taking more meals and has increased her weight to 51 kg.

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