37-year-old actress who has been battling anorexia for 10 years is refused treatment by hospitals

24 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

37-year-old actress, Rachael Farrokh, has been battling anorexia nervosa for more than 10 years.

She released a video on YouTube describing her fight against the life-threatening eating disorder, reports AsianTown via The Daily Mail. 

In the footage, she explains how her condition has severely declined in recent months, leaving her emaciated, breathless and too weak to move around on her own at her San Clemente home.

She also reveals how her husband, Rod Edmondson, has had to quit his job to become her 24-hour caregiver, while area hospitals won't treat her because her "dangerous" weight makes her a "liability".

"There's one hospital across the country that can help, and my chances are very slim. We need your help,' a gaunt-looking Ms Farrokh says in the video, asking viewers to donate 'anything you can'.

Sitting on a couch with a pink hooded top covering her tiny frame, Ms Farrokh, begins the video by saying:

"I need your help. I'm suffering from an eating disorder. It's a very severe kind of anorexia."

She finally guides viewers to a dedicated GoFundMe page, where she is aiming to raise $100,000 to fund her treatment.

She has so far raised $33,150, while her video has garnered over 11,000 views. She met Mr Edmondson, 41, while he was working as a personal trainer at her gym.

Prior to her battle with anorexia, she was a beautiful, active, healthy woman, Mr Edmondson told ABC.

"She was a very active individual growing up, she was a perfectionist," he said.

As her disorder 'spiraled out of control', the actress saw her weight drop from a healthy 125 pounds to a much lower figure.

And in recent months, it has dropped even further - to below 50 pounds.

Because of her condition, Ms Farrokh, who lists her occupation as "Actor" on Facebook, has previously suffered from heart and liver failure, and has had to undergo blood transfusions.

She has also experienced a decline in mental ability as her body continues to "shut down".

"At such a low body weight, my brain is a little slower than I would like," Ms Farrokh told.

Her husband said:

"If she receives too many calories her metabolism will kick up and she will lose even more weight. This is a VERY delicate medical situation. Hospitals won't admit her because she is a liability for them.

"She doesn't meet their minimum weight requirement and they don't have the capabilities to save her."

He goes to describe his wife as a "captivating, kind and amazing woman" who "always puts others before herself".

Her family and friends have supported her throughout her battle, he writes.

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