36 an awkward age? Not for 'aunty' Vivian Lai

3 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: AsiaOne, The New PaperPhotos: SPHVivian Lai is at what some celebrities consider an awkward age.Turning 36 next month, she's neither young like actress Rebecca Lim, 25, nor old like veterans Hong Huifang and Xiang Yun, who are in their 50s.But while Hong admitted she lost many of her endorsements when she was in her 30s, actress-host Lai has had a remarkable year.Like Hong, she is one of the queens of endorsements in MediaCorp with five this year - Pokka beverages, Kirei Kirei soap, Samsung electrical appliances, Osim massage chairs and a household product that will be unveiled next month.The mother of two girls aged seven and three has endorsed Pokka for five years, and Kirei Kirei for four years with elder daughter Vera.This is the second year she's the face of Samsung, and the first for Osim and the new product.She also won Best Supporting Actress in this year's Star Awards for her role in Love Thy Neighbour."I can't believe aunties (like Hong and myself) are getting a second spring," said Lai. I think the public likes me because I'm real. The person you see on TV and on the streets is really who I am."The lively and witty one has been a staple in many primetime food, fashion and lifestyle variety shows like On The Beat, Ladies' Nite and Simply Exquisite.But she entered unfamiliar territory this year when she took on afternoon variety programmes catering to the elderly. Silver Carnival - Embracing Life airs every Wednesday at 3.30pm on Channel 8 and Silver Carnival - Empowering Self is on the same channel every Thursday at 3.30pm.Lai told us she had a few concerns before she agreed to host the shows.She was worried she would have to speak slowly and look older in the shows. Also, a change of image may not please her clients and the executive producers of her existing programmes, Lai said."Luckily, the executive producer for Silver Carnival said he wants my existing image because the public likes it."Lai said hosting the programmes has expanded her market appeal. She said she earned a low six-figure sum for her endorsements this year but claimed she's not sure exactly how much.

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