35-year-old Jesseca Liu reveals her secrets to looking beautiful

23 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Simply Her
By Simone Wu

The actress believes that once you get the basics right, you don't have to do a lot to maintain good health and skin.

She first learnt about skincare...

"When I was 13. My mother was very fair and had a lot of freckles, so she wanted my sister and me to protect our skin from an early age."

She's not a makeup fan.

"I don't wear makeup when I'm not working. I just apply sunscreen and lip balm before heading out."

Her skin rejuvenation tip.

"Whenever I have a crying scene or have to film late into the night, I add an eye mask and face mask to my regular skincare routine, to leave my skin super-hydrated in the morning."

She started using sunscreen...

"Only last year. I used to think it was oily and sticky, and made my skin feel uncomfortable. I would tell myself that since there was sunscreen in my makeup, I didn't have to use a separate one. I only changed my mind when I came across the lightweight and non-oily Estetica Est.lab Sunshield SPF50 (30ml, $72)."

She appreciates facials more now.

"I didn't enjoy facials before as I felt impatient and restless while having them. But I fell in love with the 32-step Estetica Signature Facial ($350 for a 120min session). The treatment makes me feel relaxed and so pampered!"

She goes raw.

"I try to eat vegetables that are not fully cooked, so they retain their vitamins. When I'm filming outdoors, I take along my own salads."

She says no to cold water.

"My sister, who is a nutritionist, says drinking cold water is bad for your organs. I've also read that it can cause a belly bump, as your body produces a layer of fat around the womb to protect it."

She takes special care of her neck.

"I feel that wrinkles tend to appear earlier on the neck, so I apply more serum there. I use Estetica Est.lab Vitalift A+ Miracle Lift Serum ($280)."

When she needs to relieve stress..

"I read or watch movies. I go through different phases when it comes to what I read - from literature to philosophy, picture books and comics - or I watch horror films."

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