2pm deeply affected by member's drunk driving scandal

12 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

After 2PM‘˜s Nichkhun was sentenced for driving under the influence last year, the boy group revealed that the incident had made a large impact on their lives together.For their comeback special ‘˜2PM Returns‘˜ on MBC, Nichkhun was interviewed on his scandal last year. “I’ll never forget that day,‘ he said. “I thought that I wasn’t human. I was so sorry to my fans and the members, I cried in front of them for the first time." reports Oh Kpop.“We had never taken a break after our debut,‘ Taecyeon remembered. “But after that, all of our schedules were gone.‘“Even though it was a mistake, a wrongdoing is a wrongdoing,‘ Chansung said. “We might think badly on them for making a mistake, but at that time, I think that Nichkhun hyung himself was very dear to us.‘“We’ll work hard to bring back all of the fans that went away,‘ Nichkhun promised.2pm also made the news recently when it appeared that their concert photos were photoshopped to make the crowd appear larger.

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