2PM’s photos to be printed on Tokyo’s subways

16 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

[by Cho Suyoun] As 2PM releases its 7th single album ‘Winter Games’ on October 16, the group promoted at major public places in Tokyo.

2PM’s photos are being posted everywhere in Tokyo. On October 16, 2PM released its 7th single album ‘Winter Games’ in Japan.

Before releasing the album, the group has been promoting it in the nation. From Tokyo’s subways to Tower Record in Sibuya, there have been huge panels and electronic displays to let Japanese citizens know that 2PM is returning with a new single.

The song was revealed first at a fan meeting event in Japan before its official release date and hence, has been spread as a ring tone too.

Regarding 2PM’s return with a new single, JYP Entertainment said, “2PM has earned so much fame with outstanding performances and music sounds in local areas. Since the new single accentuates masculine charms of the group, we believe that the boys’ popularity will increase even more.”

Meanwhile, 2PM has left Japan to promote the new Japanese single ‘Winter Games’ and the boys will return to Korea on the 17th of October. (photo by JYP Entertainment)

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