2PM’s Junho speaks up about photoshopped concert pictures

26 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

2PM’s Junho expressed his deepest regrets regarding the recent controversy over photoshopped Tokyo Dome pictures that made the crowd at 2pm's concert appear larger.The photo came into question earlier after netizens noticed that certain sections of the crowd looked similar, hinting at an act of digital manipulation.According to an article in Drama Fever, the idol singer commented, “My heart is uncomfortable because it was a dream stage that everyone put their hard work into but because of a picture it all became a deception.‘He then added, “It was definitely someone’s mistake and because the mistake came from our side, we had nothing to say; but my heart aches because the hard work that our staff had put into creating the stage, and most importantly the fans who have brightened up the large space with their hearts was overshadowed all at once.‘JYP Entertainment also issued an official statement apologizing for the released pictures, stating that there was a “mistake‘ in the photos.

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