2NE1's Dara surprised at where her group mates change clothes

10 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

On the April 9 installment of KBS radio program 'Lee So Ra's Music Plaza', guest Dara brought talked about her 2NE1 group mates and their dorm life.

She said, "Even if I'm with other girls, I go to my room and close the door to change my clothes, but the other members change their clothes in the living room without any hesitation so I get really surprised."

According to All Kpop, DJ Lee So Ra said, "Are they more careful when it comes to each other's rooms?"

Park Bominsisted, "I think our members are definitely considerate about that. We rarely go into one another's rooms."

Dara just looked at Park Bom and said, "They come into my room a lot..."

Park Bom replied, "Must just be me," making everyone laugh.

Dara then revealed why she and Park Bom are such great roommates.

"I think we get along cause we're so different. I'm 4-dimensional, she's 8-dimensional."

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