2NE1’s Dara is... a vampire?

12 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
2NE1‘˜s Dara has been recognized as K-pop’s ‘˜vampire girl’.

Cosmetics brand ‘˜Clio‘˜ conducted a survey asking 1,750 netizens, “Who is the star who still looks the same after ten years like a vampire with her age-defying beauty?‘Dara came in 1st with 51.

6% of the votes (903 votes), Choi Kang Hee came in 2nd with 22.

2% (389 votes), and Lim Soo Jung came in third with 15.

1% (264 votes).

Jang Nara came in fourth with 8.

2%, and Soy came in last with 2.


A representative commented, “You can tell whether or not someone is youthful by one’s skin.

A bright complexion, shine, resilient volume, and milky skin are the four attributes of youthful skin.

Dara is filled with all of those four attributes.

‘Dara previously proved she is an age-defying beauty in Clio’s spring ad and made it hard to believe that she turns 30 years old (International age: 29) this year.
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