2AM's Jo Kwon shows off his ripping muscles on Twitter

31 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

On May 30, 2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted a series of photos that showed off his guest, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, at his musical as well as his ripped body, reports Soompi.First, he tweeted, “The season that makes me want to work out has come again. I will go back,‘ along with several photos.Each photo showcases Jo Kwon’s rippling muscles. Jo Kwon showed off different angles of his incredibly cut upper half of the body, which is such a contrast to his sweet and gentle image from his latest comeback in the spring.Later, he tweeted, “Sohee came to my evening show today. Hahaha. My dongseng (younger sister) Sohee,‘ along with a photo.In the photo, Sohee is cutely throwing up a peace sign as she poses closely with Jo Kwon, who is in his full make-up and costume for his current musical. The photo displayed the two stars’ close friendship.Meanwhile, Jo Kwon is currently starring in the musical “Jesus Christ Super Star‘ after a successful run with the drama, “Goddess of the Workplace.‘View pictures of Jo Kwon and other celebrities with great bodies in the gallery below.

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