27-year-old Grace Wong on why she decided to stay a virgin

9 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Grace Wong entered the industry after participating in Miss Hong Kong 2007.Since her debut, she didn't make any shocking headlines until October 2012 when she dressed sexily to an event and a reporter asked whether she maintained her purity.Her answer? "Of course."And soon after, news headlines all over read: "Grace Wong Exposes She's Still a Virgin". On this, Grace said: "Hong Kong thinks being a virgin is a big deal because they don't have respect for this matter. If there was respect, then you would think its correct, what's so odd about it?"I could be whining to others, but I just do that to girls; Any guy who wants to touch me, I will tell him to back off," the 27-year-old said. "At age 11, a classmate came crying to me, her 'first time' was taken by someone the previous night, but because she was too drunk, she didn't know who the person was. She just felt pain in the lower half of her body."At age 12, another classmate told me they wanted to drop out of school because she was pregnant."I've seen too many of these cases since youth, my female friends breaks up with their boyfriends after sex, they feel a lot of regret and wants to find another guy to satisfy certain needs. I don't want to be like them."Grace's first relationship was at age 17, her first love was a Korean, student. They dated two months and broke up."He was a devout Christian, very pure and it was because he was too good, every time I went to his house and saw his parents, I felt really pressured. I felt like I didn't match him. He should find a girlfriend who is sweeter, smaller and more behaved. That's why I broke up with him."Grace's second boyfriend was Caucasian, he was a talented dancer and Grace really liked him, but their relationship only lasted for two months."After two months of dating, I felt he wanted to have sex. I asked myself, can I die for him? I wasn't at that stage yet. I told him I don't want to get sexually active as of yet, and to my surprise, he got upset! Then fine, I wasn't wrong about my persistence."Grace may be persistent in maintaining her virginity, but she cannot get away from looking sexy."TVB series request that I wear tight clothing or act sexy, I'm OK with that. So far, it is all required by my roles. I have never felt my colleagues at TVB are trying to take advantage me because I'm Grace Wong and I'm easy going."Every time there is a new role, the producer will have a meeting with me. They all respect me. An artist's behavior behind-the-scenes can really influence his/her prospects on-screen. If I started off whining to the producer and being, too attached in hope to get promotions, I think nobody would respect me."Who said a woman with a nice figure doesn't have a brain? Although Grace is still a second-line actress, her career path is very positive.She smiled: "My goal is to be a role model, not an idol. I know where I am, although I'm just a second-line actress, I won't underestimate myself. Actually I quite enjoy being a guest star. Guest stars usually make a breakthrough."

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