26-year-old model allegedly spent 30 hours at Aaron Kwok's house

29 July 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Hong Kong tabloids have reported that Aaron Kwok has a new love interest again.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, after his break-up, Christine Kuo was widely speculated to be the third party but some sources have reported that he is currently enjoying his freedom as a bachelor.

Now, new reports say he has distanced himself from Christine Kuo and has a casual dating relationship with 26-year-old Chinese model, Anna Kay.

Chilam Cheung had reportedly introduced Anna to his friend Aaron after collaborating with her in a movie.

During Aaron's concert in March, she was said to have gone backstage to meet up with Aaron, although his former girlfriend, Lynn Hung was also present.

More recently, on July 19, Anna was spotted entering a building where Aaron resides and reportedly spent 30 hours there.

Anna, who is currently in Guangzhou admitted to knowing Aaron, but said they were only friends.

For the full story, log on to Asian Pop News.

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