26-year-old gets size 32K breasts implants because she thinks it'll help her become a model

7 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

A German model is honing in on her territory with a set of breast implants that demonstrate an impressive feat of engineering.

Not only are they enormous–measuring in at a reported size 32K–but they’re adjustable as well.

According to The Gloss via Cosmopolitan, just a few years ago Martina Big was a flight attendant in Germany, but much like The Little Mermaid, she wanted more.

Big wanted to be a model, so starting in 2012 she invested 50,000 euros in plastic surgery.

That’s pretty impressive. Big says she’s 26, and most 24-year-olds don’t have 50,000 euros to drop on nonessentials like giant inflatable science breasts and a handful of other procedures including a nose job, lip injections, veneers, and surgery to make her legs, hips, and waist smaller.

Most impressively, Big’s breasts are adjustable. Thanks to a “walnut-shaped port” in her breast, a doctor can attach a small hose and pump in more saline to make them bigger anytime she wants, no extra surgery required.

So far she’s done it six times.

The investment appears to have paid off, however, because Big’s big dream came true.

She now travels all around Europe and makes her living as a model. (Some photographers reportedly book her for photoshoots just because they want to see for themselves if her breasts can possibly be that big.)

One photographer explained why he thinks she’s worth the money:

“It’s better to photograph her than to book three girls with half the breast size,” said a photographer named Ortwin Schneider, who knows a deal when he sees one.

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