23-year-old makes waves as the hottest road sweeper in Brazil

21 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Rita Mattos, grew up in Rio De Janeiro and has been working since she was 16.

She began working her most recent job last year in March cleaning streets and unblocking drains in the Realango district of the city -- and is now called "Sweeper Babe" after her photos went completely viral.

According to Next Shark, charmed by her good looks, some people have been debating her decision to become a road sweeper.

She said that people could not understand why a pretty girl would want to work cleaning the disgusting streets of the South American beach city.

She told Brazil’s Extra newspaper: “They say that I could find a better job than sweeping and weeding. But why should street cleaners, necessarily, be ugly? There is a prejudice against them.

"I’m very proud of what I do. Apart from working very hard, I have a lot of fun too.” 

Mattos wakes up at 4:20 a.m. every day and works up to 12-hour daily shifts for $650 a month. She has had a streetsweeper boyfriend for the last seven years.

Her viral photos have gained exposure for her modelling dream.

With a modeling agent already on her side, Mattos told Extra that she is open to casting jobs and would even pose nude for the right price.

While modeling is one of her dreams, she remains adamant about keeping her day job as a street sweeper and to stay grounded:

“It’s hard, physical work, good for a firm body. I also go to the gym every day after I clock off. I’m not the type of person who diets or doesn’t eat what they want to."

Mattos says she is used to being catcalled by men while working but that she never thought her job would lead to sexual attention on a global level.

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