21-year-old model 5 months pregnant with F.I.R's guitarist's child

13 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

F.I.R.’s band member, Real Huang is going to be a dad soon!

The 35-year-old guitarist shared the joyous news with fans on his Facebook, “Today is not April Fool’s Day. I bought a mini swimming costume for my first daughter, Little Flower Bud.”

Real’s wife, Flora also posted her pregnancy photo on her Facebook and said, “We are going to be dad and mum!”

Last year, Real’s relationship with sexy model Flora who is 14 years younger than him, was exposed by the tabloids. Flora is also known for her 30F chest.

Shortly after, the couple was caught locking lips in the public.

The couple reportedly registered for marriage last December. It is understood that Flora is five months’ pregnant.

Real’s agency explained that the couple had intended to register for marriage in October, but postponed their wedding to December 27 to coincide with their dating anniversary.

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