21-year-old breaks up with Steven Cheung after one-night-stand because she felt 'neglected'

6 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
A 21-year-old model reportedly broke off a relationship with Steven Cheung after a one-night-stand and a few dates because she was 'neglected' by him.
According to a TVB News World report, the model -- who is known only as Keiko (孙旗) -- spoke to Oriental Daily about matters between her and Cheung that happened about four to five years ago.
She said: "We dated for a month before having sex. He was the first guy I had an intimate relationship with. At the time I was just 17 years old."
"(But) after that night, he became really cold to me. He even called me and said Sherman Chung (who he was romantically linked to) got very upset because the media found out we were dating.
"He wanted me to call Sherman to explain. After I called Sherman to tell her Steven and I weren't together, we no longer kept in contact", she recalled.
In the aftermath, she felt so heartbroken that she fell into depression and even harboured thoughts about committing suicide.
She was fortunate to have family and friends comfort her, that she was able to get back up and start over.
However, Steven denied ever dating Keiko when confronted with her account of things.
Speaking to Oriental Daily in a phone itnerview as well, Steven admitted that Keiko was his 'one-night stand' partner, but after that one time, they did not come into contact again.
When asked if he was upset with Keiko for disclosing his privacy, Steven said that he wasn't, and that he will face his mistake with courage and be responsible for what he did.
He added: "I blame myself. Men has their needs, its just too bad I was lascivious! But after I started believing in God, I've been striving hard to change my bad habits. Give me some time."
He also said that if he does see Keiko again, he will feel awkward, but will still greet her, and hopes they can be friends.
Keiko, however, does not buy his story, and insisted that they were both in a romantic relationship.
She said: "I have dated him before. I'm not afraid to admit it. Guys are just lowly!
To prove she's not lying, Keiko recalled how Steven pursued her. She said Steven used the excuse of him being a public figure and it wasn't convenient for him to go out in public, so he wanted her to go to his house. When they were dating, Steven called her nonstop expressing his love and kept telling her: "I really love you, I really miss you." He told Keiko his rumors with Sherman Chung were just for entertainment news. 
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