1D fans threaten to kill footballer after crunching tackle on Louis Tomlinson

10 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Professional footballer Gabriel Agbonlahor was issued death threats from One Direction fans after he sent Louis Tomlinson, one of the popular five-member group, tumbling to the ground with a crunching tackle in a charity match on Sunday (Sep 8).

After delivering what many football fans will brush off as a striker's challenge -- a tackle that is late, heavy but not malicious -- Tomlinson was captured on television cameras vomitting when he got subbed off the pitch.

That scene, along with the sight of Tomlinson lying on the ground in a heap, was probably what led to overzealous One Direction fans delivering death threats to Agbonlahor on Twitter, reported 101greatgoals.net

One of them, @_amyloves1d, wrote on Twitter: "My whole timeline is full of pictures of Louis getting hurt. I'm going to kill that guy!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU HURT LOUIS?!".

Another 1D fan, Isa Slamanca who goes by the Twitter handle @isa_loves_One_D, also tweeted along similar lines, writing online: "@Louis_Tomlinson Are you ok?? If he hurt you I promise that I'll kill him!!! No one can hurt my baby!!! Grrrr!!"

A check by Lollipop showed that both tweets have since been deleted.

Both Agbonlahor and Tomlinson were playing against one another in a testimonial match for former Bulgarian national captain Stilliyan Petrov, who retired in May after he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Agbonlahor's side won 5-3 on the night.

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