‘Can We Love’ Jin Ji Hee, Transforms into Picky Middle School Student

9 January 2014 / 3 years 5 months ago

[by Sunghee Park] Actress Jin Ji Hee flaunted her short but definite presence in JTBC’s new drama ‘Can We Love.’

In the drama ‘Can We Love,’ which was first released on January 6, Jin Ji Hee acts as a character Sera who comes back to Korea from studying abroad.

Ji Hyun appears as a middle school student who is nice to her whole family except mom. Throughout the first episode, Jin Ji Hee surprised audience with her image of picky trouble maker who secretly drinks alcohol or obstinately defies her mom.

Jin Ji Hee once agonized about whether she could act as a middle schooled trouble maker or not.

In one interview, Jin Ji Hee said, “Even though it could be hard, I will do my best to show the best transformation in to trouble maker Sera. Please, give a good love and expectation to our new drama.”

Jin Ji Hee’s transformation in to picky middle school student will be found in drama ‘Can We Love,’ on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:45 PM.

(photo by JTBC Can We Love Capture’)

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